Tampa Spouse or Child Abuse

Have you been accused of spousal abuse? If so, you need a highly skilled, competent attorney to represent you. Domestic violence is a serious crime in Florida, and a conviction can result in serious consequences. Attorney Don McBath can assist you with navigating the very intimidating legal system while protecting your rights.

Florida Spousal Abuse Lawyer

The state of Florida has adopted much stricter laws surrounding spousal abuse, and the police will nearly always make an arrest, even when the party making the complaint refuses to press charges. If an arrest is made, the Office of the State Attorney will determine whether to dismiss the case or bring formal charges. Whether the complainant wants no charges to be made, the state is the controlling interest in the determination. Indeed, some convictions in spousal abuse in Florida have been upheld even when the complainant, or victim, failed to appear in court. If the state can prove the spousal abuse occurred by other means, the victim’s testimony may not be relevant.

If you have been accused of spousal abuse in Tampa, you need the comprehensive skills and knowledge of Attorney McBath to protect your rights.

Florida Child Abuse Lawyer

Child abuse accusations are among the most serious charges that can be brought against an individual. Unfortunately, some parents make accusations out of spite or for malicious reasons, hoping to gain leverage in a child custody case. In some cases, a parent may accuse an ex-spouse with the objective of gaining sole custody of the child and taking away the rights of the other parent to see their children.

It may be a totally false allegation, but you must never treat it lightly because there are stringent criminal consequences for a conviction. Attorney McBath will represent you aggressively against false accusations of child abuse. He has the experience and knowledge to work towards uncovering the truth and protecting both, your rights and the rights of the child. If you need a child abuse lawyer in Tampa, Attorney McBath is ready to assist you in this difficult time.

Concerned About Child Abuse?

Attorney McBath also represents clients who may be concerned that a parent or other adult may be abusing their child. He can help assist you with handling the legal logistics of making the complaint, cooperating with an investigation, and protecting your child.

Attorney McBath serves Wesley Chapel, Land O’ Lakes, New Tampa, Lutz, and Carrollwood, in addition to Pasco and Hillsborough Counties in Florida. Contact him today for a completely confidential, complimentary consultation.

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