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Marriage is not appropriate for all couples, but when children are born out of wedlock, it can create legal complications that do not exist for married couples. Challenges may also occur if a married or previously married man learns that he is a legal, but not biological parent. These and other paternity issues can be handled promptly with the assistance of a respected family lawyer such as Don McBath of the McBath Law Group, LLC.

Establishing Paternity with a Tampa Paternity Lawyer

For those who desire the role of fatherhood, paternity is imperative, as it establishes shared parenting time, child custody, and other rights and responsibilities that otherwise might not be granted to unmarried biological parents.

Paternity is automatically assumed for any man married to the mother of the child. For others, however, the process can be far more complicated. If both unmarried parents are present at the hospital at the time of birth, they can promptly sign a form establishing paternity. Parents may also establish paternity by signing an Acknowledgement of Paternity form.

Ideally, designation of paternity will be voluntary for both parties. On occasion, however, paternity is established in court, typically during divorce or dependency cases. If this approach proves necessary, it is imperative to proceed with a trusted paternity lawyer by your side.

How the McBath Law Group, LLC Can Help You Disprove Paternity

If you do not believe that you are the father of another person’s child, you’ll need to act quickly — you could otherwise be forced to make extensive child support payments. In such circumstances, termination of child support begins with disestablishment of paternity. The process begins with providing notice to the mother of the child and filing a petition with the court. This filing must include an affidavit highlighting evidence that indicates a lack of paternity. Furthermore, genetic tests should be included to prove that the individual filing the petition is not the child’s biological father. If the alleged father is unable to obtain access to the child, he can request an order for genetic testing.

McBath Law Group, LLC: Aggressive Paternity and Family Law in Wesley Chapel

Establishing and disproving paternity can both be stressful, but it helps to have a knowledgeable paternity lawyer in Florida on your side. Look to the McBath Law Group, LLC for assistance with all aspects of your current paternity case.

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