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If you and your child’s other parent aren’t living in the same household, establishing a formal custody and visitation agreement is essential. To ensure that your custody agreement is fair and puts the best interests of your child first, you need to consult an experienced Florida custody and visitation lawyer for assistance.

About Custody and Visitation in Florida

The state of Florida recognizes two different types of custody: physical custody and legal custody. Physical custody orders determine where the child will live, while legal custody orders determine which parent can make important decisions on behalf of the child. Either type of custody may be granted to only one parent, or it may be shared equally by both parents. If one parent is granted sole physical and legal custody, he or she has the right to make all important decisions on behalf of the child. He or she will also provide the child’s primary residence, and the other parent will spend time with the child according to a visitation schedule. If custody is shared, both parents will participate in the decision-making process and spend an equal amount of time with the child.

Child custody arrangements are always made to serve the best interests of the child. When determining custody arrangements, the court will consider the competence of each parent, the relationship between the parents and the living environments in each home. The court may also take the child’s wishes into consideration, depending on the circumstances.

Hiring a Custody and Visitation Lawyer in Florida

If you are involved in a custody battle, hiring a custody lawyer in Florida is highly recommended. A qualified custody and visitation lawyer in Tampa will be able to help you present the strongest possible arguments in court as you fight for time with your child. The right custody and visitation lawyer can also help you petition the court to modify an existing custody and visitation agreement if your circumstances change in the future.

Contact a Florida Custody Lawyer

Having an experienced lawyer on your side during your Florida custody and visitation case will maximize your chances of a successful outcome. Please contact McBath Law Group, LLC today to learn more about these cases or to schedule a consultation.

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