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Tampa Divorce Lawyer

Maybe your spouse has indicated that they want to end your marriage. Or, maybe you have come to realize that you’re spiritual, mental or physical health has become unbalanced because of your marriage and that it's time for a change.

Tampa Custody and Visitation

If you and your child's other parent aren't living in the same household, establishing a formal custody and visitation agreement is essential. To ensure that your custody agreement is fair and puts the best interests of your child first, you need to consult an experienced Florida custody and visitation lawyer for assistance.

Tampa Paternity Lawyer

Marriage is not appropriate for all couples, but when children are born out of wedlock, it can create legal complications that do not exist for married couples. Challenges may also occur if a married or previously married man learns that he is a legal, but not biological parent. These and other paternity issues can be handled promptly with the assistance of a respected family lawyer such as Don McBath of the McBath Law Group, LLC.

Tampa Spouse or Child Abuse

Have you been accused of spousal abuse? If so, you need a highly skilled, competent attorney to represent you. Domestic violence is a serious crime in Florida, and a conviction can result in serious consequences. Attorney Don McBath can assist you with navigating the very intimidating legal system while protecting your rights.

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