Don McBath

McBath Law Group, LLC is a sole proprietor that can meet your legal needs in any one of the following areas: Divorce, Domestic Violence, Paternity, Juvenile Dependency, Mediation, Collaborative Divorce and Marriage Counseling.

Don McBath is the owner of McBath Law Group, LLC and has been practicing law for over 20 years. Speak with him over the phone for a free consultation. If he can’t help you, he’ll refer you to someone who may be an expert in that field.

Don McBath primarily concentrates in Matrimonial, Family and Juvenile Dependency cases. He has represented over 10,000 people in over 20 years. He believes in taking care of you as well as your children.  He also believes that if someone is causing your spiritual, mental and physical health to become imbalanced, you need a change. He can help you make that transition from living in an unhealthy situation to one of treating the enemy with respect and dignity as you say good-bye.

Your life may be chaotic, but your divorce issues can be resolved with a collaborative spirit. In other words, we all can agree not to litigate, but to end this chapter of our life with peaceful resolution. Our judicial system is the best in the world, and McBath Law Group, LLC is striving to make it even better.

Once retained, Don McBath or the attorney who will be handling your matter will communicate with you in a variety of ways: telephone; email; US Mail; CAM; facsimile; scanning, in person at your office, another attorney’s office, or a designated conference room.

Don McBath is very selective in representing clients. He only picks people who are noble, good-spirited, cooperative, fair and truthful. Life is too short to get caught up in the drama that will cause harm to you and others.

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